Some notes regarding to UE Viewer source code

Hi all.

I know that I promised to make UE Viewer source code available to everyone for a long time. I thought it could be used as a good addition to my resume, but really, from dozen of job interviews, I was asked about this project only once. So I see no reason to keep it in private anymore. Unfortunately I'm too busy since last Summer, but I must solve a few questions before placing the code to any public respository.

Right now I'm thinking about GitHub - probably the most popular source code place for the moment. I don't like git, but I was forced to use it for my current job (and for accessing Unreal engine 4 source code). I can't spend too much time looking for answers, that's why I'm asking for help.

So, if there's anybody who wants (and can) to help me, the discussion is in my forum:,12.0.html