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Author Topic: Help to unpack/repack .wad files in Batman Arkham Origins  (Read 16167 times)
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Help to unpack/repack .wad files in Batman Arkham Origins
« on: November 02, 2013, 10:33 »

Main sound files are localized by language and banks seems to be packed on a single .wad file. To change voice language, i need to modify that file.

This game have voice/subtitles language embedeed together, so i cant choice separate languages for each. The only forced language change i can make, is to replace the INT Localization folder for the X language strings, but those strings are only for menus, hud and general stuff, not the common subtitles and that's why i want to modify the .wad file; that way i can change the voices language.

Someone can help me please?

I attach a short .wad file like an example in case someone is interested. Feel free to ask any more details if needed.

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Re: Help to unpack/repack .wad files in Batman Arkham Origins
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2013, 10:54 »

Ok, some guy on Xentax work a .WAD script for Luigi's QuickBMS; however, that program have some issues when repacking the file so i still at the beginning. If someone is interested, click here.

Gildor, i know you have worked with Unreal Engine, so please help me out here  Undecided

What i am trying to do is to force the game (Batman AO and AA) to play english voices no matter what language is chosen. That way the game will only change subtitles language and voices will be english.

I am playing around with .ini files inside Batman's directory, but can't found a way to do what i want. I found this command in "Batman Arkham Origins\Online\BmGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini":
;LanguageExtension codes are defined in Binaries\Audio\LocTool\languages.txt
+NonEnglishVoiceMappings=(LanguageExtension="int", bUseNonEnglishVoice=false)
+NonEnglishVoiceMappings=(LanguageExtension="fra", bUseNonEnglishVoice=true)
+NonEnglishVoiceMappings=(LanguageExtension="ita", bUseNonEnglishVoice=true)
+NonEnglishVoiceMappings=(LanguageExtension="deu", bUseNonEnglishVoice=true)
+NonEnglishVoiceMappings=(LanguageExtension="esn", bUseNonEnglishVoice=true)
I do copy those strings to same file but on single player, of course, changing the values to FALSE with no luck...
NOTE: Neither the file nor directory with "languages.txt" exist, maybe that command was forgotten there by developers

On Batman Arkham City exist a work around because game have NOT localized sounds for Mexican Spanish, so if i choose ESM like language, the game will play english voices. Sadly (For me and those who want to play with english voices), BAO have localized voices for all languages so there's no a simple way out.

EDIT (05/11/2013): The best, but most difficult solution (At least for me because i know shit about hex editing  Embarrassed) is to mod the file that order the game which voice file to load, or strings to look for. Some user has made that with latest Mortal Kombat which also uses Unreal Engine.

I have packed that file with the original one in case someone is interested on what modification was done. Also, i include the files that i suspect do the same on BatmanAA. Please check if have time:

Anyway, really need help to enjoy this game. Like movies, Localized voices will never be the same as original ones.
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