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Twin Mirror
« on: December 01, 2020, 20:14 »

Game: Twin Mirror (EGS page)
UE4 version: 4.22
AES key: in the same place as usual (link)

Meshes and textures works fine with the latest umodel build (1440 at the moment). Some materials are custom. Animations are not supported due to ACL compression, which is common thing for all latest Dontnod games. Though in this case the error is a bit different:
ERROR: Serializing behind stopper (13F6+6000004 > 107A4)
FPakFile::Serialize: file=/LOA/Content/ANI/CASHIER/DLG/E1/E1S040A/DLG_E1S040A_PUBINT1_CASHIERATMEMORIAL_CONDOLENCESCHOICE_CASHIER_37_020.uexp <- TArray::SerializeSimple <- UAnimSequence4::SerializeCompressedData <- UAnimSequence4::Serialize <- LoadObject: AnimSequence4'DLG_E1S040A_PUBINT1_CASHIERATMEMORIAL_CONDOLENCESCHOICE_CASHIER_37_020.DLG_E1S040A_PUBINT1_CASHIERATMEMORIAL_CONDOLENCESCHOICE_CASHIER_37_020', pos=2036, ver=517/0 (unversioned), game=ue4.22 <- UObject::EndLoad <- LoadWholePackage: /LOA/Content/ANI/CASHIER/DLG/E1/E1S040A/DLG_E1S040A_PUBINT1_CASHIERATMEMORIAL_CONDOLENCESCHOICE_CASHIER_37_020.uasset <- CUmodelApp::ShowPackageUI <- Main: umodel_build=1440
Also, it seems that there are different animation types in the game, because in some case you can also encounter "bad allocation size" and "Fstring" errors with them. Some samples for future references (link).
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