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 on: January 14, 2022, 21:57 
Started by Rocailloux - Last post by Rocailloux
When I try to open character and export animation it gives me this error. What should I do? Game is House of Ashes

FPakFile::Serialize: file=/Game/Animations/Cinematics/AnimLib/1976_anthony_approachjames_Ian_000001_FQ.uexp <- FArchive::ByteOrderSerialize <- UAnimSequence4::SerializeCompressedData3 <- UAnimSequence4::Serialize <- LoadObject: AnimSequence4'1976_anthony_approachjames_Ian_000001_FQ.1976_anthony_approachjames_Ian_000001_FQ', pos=1BCD0, ver=522/0 (unversioned), game=ue4.26 <- UObject::EndLoad <- LoadWholePackage: /Game/Animations/Cinematics/AnimLib/1976_anthony_approachjames_Ian_000001_FQ.uasset <- Load: 1/11123 <- CSkelMeshViewer::FindUE4Animations <- CSkelMeshViewer::AttachAnimSet <- CSkelMeshViewer::ProcessKey <- CUmodelApp::ProcessKey: key=80000061, down=1 <- VisualizerLoop <- Main: umodel_build=1585

And when I try export animation without even opening model, just on flat it gives me this:

FPakFile::Serialize: file=/Game/Animations/Locomotion/178Male/Walk/Purposeful200/Unarmed/gmc_una_pur_walk.uexp <- FArchive::ByteOrderSerialize <- UAnimSequence4::SerializeCompressedData3 <- UAnimSequence4::Serialize <- LoadObject: AnimSequence4'gmc_una_pur_walk.gmc_una_pur_walk', pos=12EF0, ver=522/0 (unversioned), game=ue4.26 <- UObject::EndLoad <- LoadWholePackage: /Game/Animations/Locomotion/178Male/Walk/Purposeful200/Unarmed/gmc_una_pur_walk.uasset <- ExportPackages <- CUmodelApp::ShowPackageUI <- UIMenuItem::HandleCommand <- UIMenuItem::HandleCommand <- CUmodelApp::WndProc <- VisualizerLoop <- Main: umodel_build=1585

 on: January 14, 2022, 13:01 
Started by amestrisx - Last post by Blenux
Same in Blender in case anyone needs it.

 on: January 14, 2022, 08:18 
Started by hzy173337 - Last post by floxay
You need this: Insurgency: Sandstorm - High Resolution Texture Pack

 on: January 14, 2022, 07:26 
Started by yuehen - Last post by LiangZ
The latest PC version animation Only a few animations are available

Most are in the Montage folder, no longer available

Key and engine version unchanged

 on: January 14, 2022, 06:56 
Started by hzy173337 - Last post by hzy173337
I unpacked the game 《Insurgency: sandstorm》 developed by UE4. When I extracted the texture of weapons, whether preview or export, they were compressed more than four times. Is there really no way to solve it?

 on: January 14, 2022, 02:33 
Started by hzy173337 - Last post by spiritovod
If it's UE4 game, cooked size is actual size of the texture asset, while "original" size is reference to texture size used in sources (UE4 project). Textures are usually compressed to smalled sizes to reduce game size or requirements for particular platforms or in general. There is nothing can be done with it.
If it's UE3 game, it's possible that separate cache is used for HQ textures and it's stored in unusual place or can't be recognized by umodel. In that case try to find some third-party tools for textures extraction - even though most texture variants are supported in umodel, I suppose there are still some exceptions.

 on: January 13, 2022, 23:07 
Started by amestrisx - Last post by Darko
Here a demo:

 on: January 13, 2022, 21:10 
Started by hzy173337 - Last post by hzy173337
Why does the texture quality become lower? It was originally a 2048 * 2048 texture. The debug information shows cooked size: 512 * 512. How can I solve it

 on: January 13, 2022, 16:39 
Started by RoboBoi - Last post by spiritovod
I suppose you don't have write permission for export folder, otherwise it's hard to imagine why such error would pop up. You can try to run umodel with admin privileges or set export folder to something with sufficient rights.

 on: January 13, 2022, 07:58 
Started by RoboBoi - Last post by Gildor,8037.0.html

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