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Author Topic: Importing / Exporting Full Models Tutorial  (Read 45231 times)
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« on: February 06, 2009, 23:16 »

Edited 22.09.2009  With Actor X Importer for 3ds Max this topic becomes absolutely obsolete.

Edited 25.05.2009  New umodel version has advanced export capabilities. It can export mesh/animation into md5mesh/md5anim format, which can be loaded into 3ds max without using MilkShape, PolyTrans or pskfix tool. For more information check readme.txt file and this thread

In this tutorial i will try to explain how to export-edit-import or whatever you may want to do with your models with full meshes,animations,bones etc.

First lets start with the required software:

[1] => Umodel Win32     Note: Use always latest versions.

[2] => Milksahpe 3D     Note: Use always latest versions.

[9] => Okino PolyTrans     Note: We will not use it at all, but will be needed for proper plugin work.

[4] => Okino Plugins SuperInstaller     Note: This plugins will work only with 3DS Max 8-9 and NOT 2008-2009.

[5] => ActorX     Note: If we wanna export back to psk/psa format we may need this.

[6] => PSK FIX (link removed)     Note: I will only cover process using max not maya or other program.

[7] => 3DS Max     Note: I will only cover process using max version 8-9 not maya or other program.

[8] => UED - You must find yourself or provide a link.

Now the required knowledge:

[1] => Minimal usage of umodel. i will not teach evrything, only the needed to do what tutorial is for.

[2] => Okino's tools installation and Windows problems is up to you, i will not cover that, but sure i will help those with common problems.

[3] => ActorX i will cover only psk creation, not animations export, if someone want to add it to tutorial i will be glad.

[4] => Max i will not teach how to use it, i assume you must know minimal needed.

[5] => Milkshape i will not teach how to use it, i assume you must know minimal needed.

[6] => Too much patience and will to learn.

Start installing all needed software.

If you have problems doing that, post here, maybe me or someone could help you.

Lets start our work, i will use as example in this tutorial the game Lineage II:

Create a folder whatever name you want, but let it in a root like C\:,D\:,E\, lets for example use C:\Tutorial

Now unzip all files in Umodel.zip that you have downloaded from link above in the root of that already created folder, in our case C:\Tutorial

Do the same with PSKFIX.

Now move/copy to that same folder your game client files you wish to export (UKX-UTX)

Now Tutorial folder should looks like this:

now go to windows "start menu" > "run" and type cmd en press "enter" or press togeter keys "windows+R"

a prompt window should open, now type in windows prompt the path to your tutorial folder in our case should be this way:

cd c:\ and press "enter"

now cd tutorial and press "enter"

now you should be inside tutorial folder.

now lets run umodel and export our files:

run this command:

umodel.exe -export -all name.of.my.mesh.package.here.ukx name_of_my_desired_mesh_here

then press enter, umodel should create your new files at root of tutorial dir.

so now you must have 1 PSK & 1 PSA file and maybe some TGA textures.

Now open Milkshape 3D and go to:

File > Import > Unreal UT PSK+PSA

then search for your PSK and clic ok, and redo same for PSA.

Now wait til it loads up.

and simply choose File > Save and save in our tutorial folder as MS3D (milkshape native format)

Now we must convert the MS3D file to format Max can read it properly.

To do that you must have already installed 3DS Max 7/8, Polytrans and polytrans plugins for max.

Open 3ds max and go to the last top right tool called "utilities" a hammer icon as show in picture:

Then clic on button "more" in the utilities window and you will see something like this in picture below, do as picture and select highlighted option and hit ok.

very important step (trick):

before import your ms3d file saved with milkshape, go to polytrans menu and clic on IMPORT OPTIONS and then "enables" tab and "UNCHECK" "pass all handle names thru autodesk make name unique" as in picture below:

now a new window will open below utilities one, select "milkashap3d v1 ms3d" as in picture the option in import tab:

now search and open your MS3D file saved with milkshape in last step and a new window will ask for some options check/uncheck, mine is same as picture below:

hi ok and a new windows will pop up, i use it like pciture and hit "yes":

DONE, now everthing is imported to max Smiley

edit as you wish and at the and if you want it back to psk, just read next step.

After all your changes done, you must delete an extra bone created by Polytrans that may damage your file.

to do so go to the "schematic view" button on top tight corner as in picture:

after you should see this windows or similar:

usually the extra non needed bone created by polytrans has same name as your mesh and are in green color, just select and delete him.

Now lets export our edited psk back to ued usage or whatever:

go to "utilities" window as described above and the "more" and now choose first option "ActorX" and hit ok, you will see this:

first never forget to "select all" the model you wish to export and hit "browser" button then choose where to save the new edited psk, then below that option just type the name you wish for your new edited psk and hit "save mesh/rfpose", thats it! done!

now you must fix your new edited psk file to be used properly with UED, to do so we need PSKFIX.EXE:

lets go back to cmd prompt as described at the beginning of this tutorial and type:

ps: i assume your new edited psk file is there.

then type:

pskfix.exe my_edited_psk_file_name my_new_fixed_psk

and press "enter", done Wink

Now just import your edited files in UED and enjoy Wink

later i will cover better UED final step.

ps: sorry for some mistake, if there is so, point meand i fix the tutorial.

ps2: i hope i can help more and improve this post later cause today is not a good day for me:/.

ps3: credits for all this goes to GILDOR (as i promised my master)

ps4: links are clean and only for reference, sorry gildor, missing step added.

without him never would be possible Wink
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« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2009, 04:30 »

Hm, please add that you will find the name of the meshes when you actually view them in umodel just using the "umodel" -package -mesh command Smiley

And also, how about adding how to create a .bat file so you only need to edit that file instead of always going into command prompt Smiley
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2009, 15:15 »

hmmm... is anyone can try exporting from milk shape directrly to max via wavefront .obj? sure, there will be no animation, but mesh

polytrans is ~300$ software, so for simple model transfering its too ixpensive Wink

i think, it is possible pose model in milk shape then export this mesh directly to max? unfortunatelly i cant check this way at this week Sad but if anyone have experiens - tell me and all around please Smiley

p.s. sorry for my english, it is not my native language
« Last Edit: March 04, 2009, 15:23 by hidden » Logged
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« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2009, 20:16 »

milkshape to max with fbx works better
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« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2009, 23:58 »

anyone know which ue i need to use?
« Reply #5 on: August 09, 2009, 17:25 »

If you want to import bones you should use ultimate unwrap 3d.It has a psk importer as well as an importer for 3dsmax.I tried it and it works great!
« Last Edit: August 09, 2009, 17:35 by Gamemaster » Logged
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« Reply #6 on: August 09, 2009, 18:03 »

If you want to import bones you should use ultimate unwrap 3d.It has a psk importer as well as an importer for 3dsmax.
Xm Smiley maby you know a - a.3d+D.3d Importer, For max or for XSI Smiley

P.S. MilkShape dont want, to load a.3d files Sad
« Reply #7 on: December 29, 2010, 02:11 »

sorry for opening this old topic.. but i need this tool "PSKFIX"!!

I want to use a .bat script with this command for multiple files  Undecided .... i need to open this files only in UnrealEd

for %%f in (.\Textures\*.*) do PSKFIX %%f

Best regard,
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« Reply #8 on: December 29, 2010, 03:06 »

sorry for opening this old topic.. but i need this tool "PSKFIX"!!
This tool is no longer exists.
Read the red text in the first message - this method of loading meshes into 3ds Max is obsolete.
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