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Author Topic: [UE4] Blade & Soul Complete  (Read 15876 times)
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Re: [UE4] Blade & Soul Complete
« Reply #60 on: July 10, 2023, 02:59 »

Hello Addeuss sorry for late reply,

I haven't got custom ue.4.22 or bns original files anymore.

I think you need everything to be present in whatever head folder your uncooking so for example if your uncooking jinf head make sure all content is there eg, JinF_001 folder with JinF_001_Skeleton, JinF_MorphTargetSet folder with all Morph Target files, JinF_001_Physics and JinF_001 skelmesh.

Always right click the skeleton asset first (JinF_001_Skeleton) next right click on JinF_001 skelmesh, if editor not crash ...Decook.

Next go into JinF_MorphTargetSet folder  and create a new folder, select all morph target files and copy them to the new folder, save new folder.

Duplicate JinF_001_Skeleton (create new folder, select JinF_001_Skeleton copy to new folder) save every thing, close ue4.

(In explorer) Delete cooked files and replace with duplicated /uncooked files (same thing with JinF_MorphTargetSet) open ue4 and everything should work, BnS models need the _MorphTargetSet folder and contents to work, maybe because it was ported from ue3?

If none of the above help then maybe video here,7101.15.html will.

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Re: [UE4] Blade & Soul Complete
« Reply #61 on: July 22, 2023, 00:24 »

I make it using FModel export, thanks Dreadfread, but your both methods not working for me. if some one need JinM Mesh with MorphTarget, you can download it here, then import psk in blender, using psk add-on for blender. In blender will ShapeKeys it MorphTarget parameters.
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