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Author Topic: 3DS Max GoW character issue (Simple?)  (Read 620 times)
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3DS Max GoW character issue (Simple?)
« on: August 29, 2017, 04:34 »

Hello, I'm new here and love the software! Wishing I would have known about it years ago. Being new to 3DS Max, I'm having what could be the simplest of issues regarding hair on the characters. I apologize if it is something I've overlooked but I searched all over while maybe not using correct search terms. I do appreciate any help on this matter though. Below I have a render of Marcus from GoW PC and I can't seem to rid the render of the white blocks around his hair. My end goal is to render sequential .png animations (I have this down pat) for a fan made 2.5D Gears of War game for Android I'm developing which I'd really like to see through with the best quality possible. If you can help me shake this migraine, you can be a beta tester  Grin Thanks everyone!

Edit: Does this have anything to do with the alpha channel and opacity? I just tried it but to no avail.

Okay, well Cole Train's ready to roll and already has a sprite sheet for every COG weapon so that made my night somewhat better. Still couldn't work out the issue with Marcus.

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