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Author Topic: Batch import of .psk(x)?  (Read 922 times)
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Batch import of .psk(x)?
« on: September 02, 2017, 00:04 »

Hi, Gildor. Thanks again for the ME3 tool link. I learned some, BUT NOT ENOUGH hahaha.... jk... but true... From what I gather with actorx, as its name implies, it is designed specifically for skeletal objects aka characters, is that right? I bring this up cause other extractors seem to be designed specifically for static meshes and such, most of them exporting to an obj or similar format.

This comes in handy when dealing with environments/stages/scenes, etc, cause the obj's can be batch imported into Max. Although I have not found one yet that will texture the mesh as actorx does, "automatically"...

It just seems to me that the only thing  "lacking" from aX is the batch function. With that maybe all other tools would be obsolete? The animations are, of course, WAY more important and revolutionary than the other aspects so I'm certainly not complaining...

I think I have spent 76 of the last 72 hours extracting and playing with various tools and functions.. I might be lacking coherent questioning ability.. :/

Thanks as always
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Re: Batch import of .psk(x)?
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 00:16 »


Epic's ActorX plugin was created to save skeletal meshes and animations into psk format. It was designed specially for skeletal meshes. At that time all static meshes were exported using Wavefront OBJ format.

UModel saves skeletal meshes as psk, static meshes - as pskx. You may read about pskx in FAQ, but in short - this is my extension to psk (really subset of psk format) to store meshes without a skeleton. ActorX Importer supports loading of both formats.

There's a "batch converter" in ActorX Importer. There's no point to perform any other batch operation than conversion, so your question sounds strange to me.
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