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UDK FaceFX Import
« on: January 28, 2018, 03:12 »

I've been trying to import the Joker's FaceFX Asset and Animset to UDK (UE3) all day now, with no success. My attempted process:
1. Import the Joker's head's psk to a new package, then right click on it and press create a new FaceFX Asset.
2. Right click on the new FaceFX asset and press import from FXA. Then I select the FaceFX Asset I extracted from Arkham Origins.

Then I open it and am completely lost. There's an option to import an xml, but not only is it not an FXA, but I'm pretty sure that's for an Asset, not an Animation Set. Spent a good
few hours trying to find a fxa import option. If I try importing the animset's fxa file as it it was a FaceFX asset, it just crashes UDK.
Any help would be appreciated (-:

EDIT: Looked it up, seems like FaceFX Animsets are supposed to be FXE and FXM files, rather than FXA files. Source:
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