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« on: September 12, 2018, 03:34 »

Hello everyone,

currently I try to export some weapon models more or less to take a screenshot from them for a guide I'm writing and for the scum wiki. I think I've found the models in the .pak files, but when I hopen them I get following red text and no object at all:

There's no visual objects loaded now.
Press <O> to load a different package.

I've checked all pack files and this must be the asset I'm looking for but no model at all.

I've tried multiple other weapons and items etc, same with them.


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Re: SCUM Thread
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I've tested this and was working last time, make sure to scan content and see what is and isn't a skeleton/static mesh and not a Blueprint of some sort. (Tools, Scan Content).

Weapons are located in the following location,

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