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Author Topic: Any VR specialists? I want to mod Free Locomotion in place of 'TelePortation'!  (Read 303 times)
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Any VR specialists? I want to mod Free Locomotion in place of 'TelePortation'!
« on: November 13, 2018, 08:52 »

This would be a very helpful mod, to very many people who love VR but despise Teleportation!  I am 'testing' with the same Abandonware (UE4.18) game I last modded to remove the annoying Christmas Hats (a simple asset deletion mod).   I have found hundreds of ways to optimize the game (not the least of which, is optimize 3D objects that have 50,000 polygons, but look fine with 5,000!  Or shrink expensive SRM, Normal and even Diffuse maps on characters etc.  Also, HUNDREDS of potential fixes in the INI files
r.MinScreenRadiusForLights=0.030000    or  
r.DefaultFeature.AmbientOcclusion=False    and:

r.DefaultGraphicsPerformance=Scalable  (instead of maximum!

SO, in that same vein of 'tricking' the software into changes, I think I can change (swap) the Teleport Blueprint(s) (and edit DefaultInput.ini accordingly etc),
I see the folder VirtualRealityBP/Blueprints/  and files like:
BP_MotionController.uasset  and BP_PickupCube.uasset and HMDLocomotionPawn.uasset etc.

Which makes me think, they used the standard Oculus (or open VR?) BluePrints to achieve the Locomotion, and I may be able to swap out the files for Walking (or even make a mod for Flying, ZERO G!! even Driving!)

Note:  The game is both Desktop AND VR (if Rift or Vive is not plugged in, it switches to a 2D normal game!) This may make it even more possible to 'merge' the 2 gameplay styles and 'walk, jump' sit. etc.   I may even try the '2D' version with VOPRX which I have...

I would appreciate any helpand would share the game (and my new No Santa Hat Mod) with anyone who helps,.  It is amazingly fun , to explore the entire Starship Enterprise D in High Detail and interactive too!  

 If you help I will share with you, there is a Mac version, a Linux version, a PC Desktop version, a PC VR/Desktop version, An Android version, and I think that's it,.. Oh yeah and an Android VFR version! (for Cardboard, Daydream, Gear VR, etc...) VR version.  

I will be doing a video on my channel in the next couple days, maybe even tonight; (I have well over 2,000 Subscribers) on how to mod the Santa Hat out of the VR Star Trek Game, and pointing my Subscribers who view the video to Luigi's (QuickBMS) and Gildor's (U_Model) pages, and suggest my viewers go there for more info, the Tools, and to thank them with donations (instead of thanking me I have already benefited with the ability to mod!).  I will do a tutorial video like this, with each new major thing they help me with and I learn, (like the Exclusion mod for the Santa Hat that will make a MILLION+ People VERY HAPPY!).  In this way I am giving back by constantly sending them (potentially) thousands of new donators / followers!

Likewise: If you help me, (or Gildor or Luigi) and you have a page or channel etc. where you help and interact (and accept donations),  When I do the video of how to Mod swap Free Locomotion instead of Teleportation in UE4 games, I will make sure to link to you and mention you and send my 2,060 or so viewers (and over 6,500 on Linked in!) your way, to thank you and learn more (or benefit from whatever your page or channel is!)

 I probably won't even monetize my videos (I rarely do...) I just want to learn the process! (and move freely in my Star Trek VR Game(s) LOL)

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