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« on: January 02, 2019, 03:50 »

the USkeletalMesh3 for this game (Outlast, Unreal3) are all good, but the UStaticMesh3 are missing the materials, the viewer shows 'null' in the material list.
I've looked in the FStaticMeshSection3 deserialization where Umodel does "Ar << S.Mat << S.f10 << S.f14;" and S.Mat is always zero for all the sections.
Focusing on a single object, I've searched and found its material in the export table, if I set S.Mat to that material index it works good: the viewer shows the correct material.
I've searched this index (export table index + 1) as a 4 bytes integer (little endian) in all the files (extracted with the extract utility) but I've found nothing useful.
Where the material index could be hiding? Thank you.
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Re: Outlast
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Here's VERY similar question, read a few posts following this one:,6356.msg31415.html#msg31415
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