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Author Topic: Tera question about the FX of monsters.  (Read 554 times)
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Tera question about the FX of monsters.
« on: January 18, 2019, 00:34 »


i was browsing through the Tera files and i wanted to export a monster. after i exported it, the umodel viewerput these inside the umodel folder:

So far so good.

i still got a problem though. if i want to put it inside the Unreal engine for example or just 3ds max in general, i cant seem to find the FX or the effects which the monster does.

For example, if some monster has a lightning attack, there should be some materials or something to put into 3ds max that show the lightning. all i have is an animation without an effect for it.

here are all the folders inside the Tera files:

i looked into the FX files but there is nothing to be found for my monster.

Am i doing something wrong?
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