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Hell Let Loose
« on: July 17, 2020, 18:21 »

Game: Hell Let Loose (steam page)
UE4 version: 4.24
AES key: in the same place as usual (link)

All works fine - including meshes, textures and animations - with the latest umodel build (1314 at the moment).

Though there is a problem with files processing. You should unpack all assets and remove big "purpleheartlane" assets, otherwise you'll get this kind of error during animation search (for example, this asset's uexp is over 2GB):
ERROR: assertion failed: SerialOffset64 < 0x80000000

FObjectExport::Serialize4 <- UnPackage::LoadExportTable <- UnPackage::UnPackage:/HLL/Content/Maps/purpleheartlane.umap, ver=518/0, game=ue4.24 <- UnPackage::LoadPackage(info):/HLL/Content/Maps/purpleheartlane.umap <- CSkelMeshViewer::FindUE4Animations <- CSkelMeshViewer::AttachAnimSet <- UIMenuItem::HandleCommand <- UIMenuItem::HandleCommand <- CUmodelApp::WndProc <- VisualizerLoop <- Main:umodel_build=1314

Also, there are some animations with negative rate values (like -30), you can't preview them in umodel due to the following error, but you can export them (not sure if expected behavior or unsupported type):
ERROR: TArray: index -1 is out of range (43)

CAnimTrack::GetBonePosition <- CSkelMeshInstance::UpdateSkeleton <- CSkelMeshViewer::Draw3D <- CUmodelApp::Draw3D:Obj=SkeletalMesh4'FPP_US_Rifleman_SK_V2' <- CApplication::Display <- VisualizerLoop <- Main:umodel_build=1314
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