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Author Topic: Opening UE Viewer source in Visual Studio  (Read 520 times)
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Opening UE Viewer source in Visual Studio
« on: July 29, 2020, 10:38 »

Supported both Visual Studio types: "classic" and Visual Studio Code. You should use "Open local folder" command and point at root project directory, that one which contains "Core", "Unreal" etc.


  • For Linux, you just need to install VS Code, and may be gcc compiler (which is usually already installed on system).
  • For Windows, you should install Visual C++ compiler (not IDE) and either Visual Studio IDE or Visual Studio Code.
  • For Windows, you should install Windows SDK - either Windows 10 Kit or Windows 8.1 Kit.

Typical problems.

1. Opening a .sln file instead of a folder. There's one in Tools/UITest - it is NOT a solution for UModel.

2. Using old version of UE Viewer code, e.g. from Github "Releases" page. Currently, latest "release" has date 2014, it is intended to hold some files (usual way for Github). Visual Studio projects appeared in 2019 I think. You should use "master" branch instead.

3. Not installing BuildTools - you won't be able to build the project for Windows without it. For Linux this is not needed.

4. Not configuring "PATH" for BuildTools. Without this configuration you Visual Studio won't be able to locate executable files from BuildTools folder. There are many ways of doing that:
  • Update global environment variable
  • Make a batch file with "set PATH=..." then calling "devenv.exe" or "code.exe"
  • Probably VS build tasks (json files in corresponding .vs or .vscode folders) could be customized to include path to files, but I'm not sure.

5. Cannot open include file "stdio.h'  error when trying to compile. This might happen if you didn't install Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Development Kit (SDK) with "Universal CRT" (UCRT).
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