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Author Topic: Blender vs UDK vs UModel vs Unreal Engine 1  (Read 345 times)
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Blender vs UDK vs UModel vs Unreal Engine 1
« on: August 20, 2021, 20:24 »

Topic sounds kinda twisted but I'm already explaining what's the issue (or two).

I have Blender to UE1 pipeline more or less worked out - as Blender's direct PSK/PSA exporter plugin doesn't seem to work correctly, I export mesh as FBX, then import it to UDK and assign two-sided material, then extract mesh and export as PSK with UModel, and then import it to UE1. But I've come across two issues:

- I can't get two sided faces to work in engine. I remember from old 3ds Max times that materials were supposed to be named with keywords TWOSID, TWOSIDED, WEAPON etc - I can't find exact keywords anymore Sad Setting texture import flag inside engine as two-sided doesn't do the trick alone. I also wonder if UModel doesn't discard that information in the process to that. Does anyone here remember all procedures and options included into UE1 export?

- Models with multiskins don't seem to import properly to UE1 and material index gets discarded. I've tested it with UT2k4 Rocket Girl model and UDK Cathode. Both could get only one material index assigned somehow.

These two above are probably my own methodology fault but I'll be very grateful for any hints.
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