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Author Topic: I can’t apply the .mat files to my meshes in Fnaf HW  (Read 83 times)
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I can’t apply the .mat files to my meshes in Fnaf HW
« on: February 27, 2022, 00:09 »

Hello. I'm new to all this and I'm trying to apply the .mat files to my meshes from FNAF HW as when I imported them (Using Actor XImporter) they were grey, I got the meshes from \\Game\\Meshes and with each .pskx file there is a file with the same name ending in props.txt. Anyway in the props.txt file there is a section that states the materials (example:

Materials\[2\] =


Materials\[0\] = MaterialInstanceConstant'/Game/ProductionAssets/Materials/Materials\_Character/Char\_Mat\_Freddle\_Exoskeleton.Char\_Mat\_Freddle\_Exoskeleton'

Materials\[1\] = MaterialInstanceConstant'/Game/ProductionAssets/Materials/Materials\_Character/Char\_Mat\_Freddle\_Endoskeleton.Char\_Mat\_Freddle\_Endoskeleton'


I go to the material file stated (ends in .mat) and in 3Ds max I open the material editor and select the mesh, I then find the bitmap  and attempt to change it to the file stated and the .mat files do not show... I switch the file type from' all formats' to 'all files (\*)' and then select the .mat file it stated. However I get an error message saying '(file path).mat is an invalid file type.

Sorry for the explanation I know it's not great but it's the best I can do, I have tried opening the .mat files in photoshop and 3Ds max and they both did not work so I wonder if it is the .mat files. Am I getting the wrong meshes from the wrong loaction? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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