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Author Topic: Tribes Vengeance (PC) .pkg (fonts) archive  (Read 7026 times)
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Tribes Vengeance (PC) .pkg (fonts) archive
« on: February 22, 2012, 17:47 »

Hi, guys.

Is there anyone who can help me to unpack one .pkg archive?

I need to unpack that archive because there are the font files for the game Tribes: Vengeance and i need to edit them and repack the file again but i don't know how to do that because i'm newbie and i don't understand nothing from programming (i have worked with HEX Editor) but with nothing more.

The problem that i want to unpack the fonts are because the default English fonts doesn't support the letters for my language and that's all.

Here is the font .pkg archive -

Mirror 1 -
Mirror 2 -

thanks  Smiley


I'm a big fan of Tribes and i'll try to translate Tribes Ascend when the game is fully released (not in a Beta stage) and i think that the files that the game uses are the same as Batman: Arkham City or other games. The game engine is Unreal Engine 3 but it's modified and maybe the files are protected or with modified compression but i'll think for that later when i finish with Tribes Vengeance.  Wink

I'll be so happy if there is someone who can help me (if someone want).
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Re: Tribes Vengeance (PC) .pkg (fonts) archive
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2012, 23:37 »

Tribes: Vengeance have official game editor and UСС.

Use this article:
for import your fonts.

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