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I want export only sound
« on: October 01, 2012, 14:12 »

I use Batch Exporter

:: Settings
:: -----------------------------------------------

:: Feel free to override options below. You may fully comment the line or
:: use blank values ("set option=") here.

:: Specify game override. Use empty value for autodetection.
set game=bns

:: Specify directory with game files. May be either relative or absolute path.
:: Do not use quotes here!
set game_dir=

:: Specify file masks to export. Note: usully Unreal package has extensions
:: whith starts with 'U' letter (*.u, *.ukx, *.upk), plus cooked packages
:: by default has extension *.xxx. Feel free to add other extensions here.
set file_mask=0001*.upk

:: Specify compatibility options here - such as
:: -sounds -3rdparty -nomesh -noanim -nostat -notex -lzo -lzx -zlib
set compat=-sounds

:: Other umodel options
set options=-export -sounds
:: Where to write exported contect. May be either relative or absolute path.
:: Do not use quotes here!
set out=..\ExportOutput

set log=%out%\output.log
set umodel=G:\umodel.exe

:: End of settings block

and i want export sound only
But umodel export SkeletalMeshs ,Textures,sounds etc..

can i export only sounds?
export SoundNodeWave folders
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Re: I want export only sound
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2012, 18:08 »

You may add -nomesh -notex -nostat -noanim to disable export of visual assets.
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