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Author Topic: Goofy screwed up animation in Mass Effect 3 and Ref pose question  (Read 10783 times)
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Goofy screwed up animation in Mass Effect 3 and Ref pose question
« on: July 24, 2013, 01:14 »

I have been modding various character meshes for Mass Effect 3 and many of them work fine in the game but there is one that, while close to 99% working, has a problem with the eyes that I assume is a weighting issue...but I cannot find it. 

First, I simply extracted the original character from the game and, without adding or subtracting any vertices or changing any bones, move parts of the lower body forward a bit to correct an incorrect human posture:


And the posture-corrected version:

I've done this on two separate occasions via two different methods but the results are largely the same in-game.  The first way was to select all the vertices from the hips down and shift that part of the body forward and then blend the bordering vertices/faces into a smooth whole.  The second method I used was to select all the bones from the lower back on up including the head and arms and shift that part of the skeleton backwards a bit, allowing the bone weighting to smoothly shift the mesh/skin for me.  I then imported each version into the game and it works for the most part except the eyes in both cases keep trying to bulge out of her head when she turns her head in a conversation.  WHY?  How do I correct this?:

You can see the whites of her eyes bulging through her lower lids to the left a bit as she has turned her head to speak:

My second question concerns the second method I used above (shifting the bones and letting the skin go along for the ride).  I want the reference/default pose to be this new, corrected posture version but even though I saved it as "skin pose" in 3ds Max, as soon as I select to edit the mesh or do anything else, the body defaults to the pre-edited posture.  How do I make the new posture THE posture rather than just some transient posture?  When I shifted all the vertices (first method) it worked as desired but how to I get it set in the second in 3ds Max?
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