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Author Topic: Hi-Rez Texture Hunting with Umodel  (Read 21466 times)
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Hi-Rez Texture Hunting with Umodel
« on: September 03, 2009, 20:10 »

When extracting Games for using umodel make sure to extract the full disc.

The example in this tutorial is with Stection8 Xbox disc, and I will be showing how to find textures in, but you can use any game the umodel supports, where you can't find the Hi-resolution texture.

Umodel does not support the exporting of HI-REZ textures that are not in it's package.

Example if you do a "umodel umodel BaseGrenade" and then look at the console while the texture is up in umodel you will see:

C:\umodel BaseGrenade
Found 719 game files (16328 skipped)
Loading package: Ver: 584/0 Engine: 486808070 Names: 18912 E
xports: 49629 Imports: 4773
Forced export: MaterialInstanceConstant'AGR_FragGrenade_Content.BaseGrenade'
Loading MaterialInstanceConstant BaseGrenade from package
Forced export: Texture2D'AGR_FragGrenade_Content.SmartGrenadeFP_D'
Forced export: Texture2D'AGR_FragGrenade_Content.SmartGrenadeFP_S'
Forced export: Texture2D'AGR_FragGrenade_Content.SmartGrenade_N'
Forced export: Texture2D'AGR_FragGrenade_Content.SmartGrenade_E'
Forced export: Material'MAT_Templates.MAT_PhongOpaqueBlinking'
Loading Texture2D SmartGrenadeFP_D from package
Loading Texture2D SmartGrenadeFP_S from package
Loading Texture2D SmartGrenade_N from package
Loading Texture2D SmartGrenade_E from package
Loading Material3 MAT_PhongOpaqueBlinking from package
Forced export: Texture2D'AGR_DetPack.DetPack_E'
Loading Texture2D DetPack_E from package
Loaded in 0.17 sec, 39097 allocs, 0.47 MBytes serialized in 595 calls.

Ok, Look at line 6-9. Notice that it says "Forced export". Now if you have dumped the full Disc as I had advised before reading this tutorial, you could do a quick search on your hard drive for the first file mentioned after the "Forced export". Now that file would be: AGR_FragGrenade_Content". Then search for the second file which would be: "SmartGrenadeFP_D".

What does this mean?

Well the argument is:
"Forced export: Texture2D'AGR_FragGrenade_Content.SmartGrenadeFP_D'"

It means that the "AGR_FragGrenade_Content" file is the Hi Rez Diffuse map and the SmartGrenadeFP_D is the lower version of the map. This is a very familiar technique in all Next-Gen games to speed things up.(it will quickly load the lower resolution texture, then load the hi-resolution texture later).

Umodel will only extract the textures in the package you have requested. Umodel will not smartly look for other packages for textures that you need for models you are trying to export in the current package. I spoke at length to Gildor yesterday about this, and he will look into it when he has time, and may make a smart recognizer.

The easy solution is to always dump the full disc, and start looking for textures that are over 400k, this is a sure sign that they are hi-rez. For characters a good rule of thumb is that file sizes are over 1m for hi-rez.

If you need a specific map for a mesh, load the mesh individually into umodel, as I did with the "C:\umodel BaseGrenade" then look at the console, and see if it is trying to force export any textures, if it is it is a good sign that Hi-rez textures are not in the package, and now you know the file names you are looking for.

Also some games stuff all the textures in one big file usually called "Textures.tfc" (like GOW2,50Cent Blood on the Sand). I have also found that some games rename this file to coalesced.tfc (like Xmen) This has to be renamed to "Textures.tfc", if not umodel currently can't find this file, and may be display/export low-rez textures.

Also when looking for maps these are the most important to whatever project you are doing:

_N = Normal Map
_S = Specular
_E = Glow Map
_D = Diffuse Map

There maybe others, but these are the ones 90% most people care about.

I hope this was informative.

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Re: Hi-Rez Texture Hunting with Umodel
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2010, 12:14 »

I can not find some of the texture of the game Wolverine. When I converted the main character, its texture was not there. Even low quality. Undecided
Can you help me?

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Re: Hi-Rez Texture Hunting with Umodel
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2010, 04:36 »

I can not find some of the texture of the game Wolverine. When I converted the main character, its texture was not there. Even low quality. Undecided
Can you help me?

I know you can't, and many people can't either I assume. that is a particularly hard game to extract textures correctly. it's because the tfc's have to be named correctly. check the  umodel log when extracting the package with the wolverine model, and see what texture package it is looking for, and then rename the tfc's that you have to match.

I know it will work if you follow what I have said, as I have done it.

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