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Author Topic: Repack unpack mod upk u umap pak unreal engine files successfully!!!! :))  (Read 962 times)
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Repack unpack mod upk u umap pak unreal engine files successfully!!!! :))
« on: October 02, 2021, 07:29 »

I've actually modded Batman Arkham Asylum's Frontend.umap files to replace xbox button icons with playstation ones . I believe you can mod your game's packed files as well. The best way to explain the process would be with my example.

Tools needed
UE Viewer:
UPK pack/unpack:

1) I used UE Viewer to extract Frontend.umap. It has a file called Main2.gfx that I wanted to edit. I modded it to my liking.
2) Because UE Viewer can't repack, I also used the UPK repack/unpack tool to unpack Frontend.umap which does that with a way different method.
3) Next I searched Main2 and it returned Main2.GFxMovieInfo which does have the content Main2.gfx has but it also has some encryption(?) or compression data in the form of a couple lines in the beginning and a few lines at the end.
4) So I used Hex Editor to copy the extra text (encryption) from Main2.GFxMovieInfo into my edited Main2.gfx. Then I renamed Main2.gfx to Main2.GFxMovieInfo and pasted it over Main2.GFxMovieInfo. So now this file has my modded data as well as the footer and header (encryption).
5) Then I repacked the whole thing the UPK tool and it worked Smiley

But be warned how you mod the files will decide if you mod works or not because unreal engine files use internal referencing pointing between them. In my example, since it is a gfx (swf) file, all I did was change the character tags (xbox icons shape tags to ps icon shape tags) between shapes in the file and not import or export these shapes because changes hex code enough to crash the game.
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