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« on: July 22, 2023, 20:25 »

Game: Unholy (steam page)
UE4 version: 4.27

Latest UE Viewer build gives the message that virtualtextures are not supported:

FTexturePlatformData<< <- UTexture2D::Serialize4 <- UTexture2D::Serialize <- LoadObject: Texture2D'CITIZEN_woman_mat_01_BaseColor.CITIZEN_woman_mat_01_BaseColor', pos=40C, ver=522/0 (unversioned), game=ue4.27 <- UObject::EndLoad <- LoadWholePackage: /Game/DS_Characters/Citizen_women/skelMesh/Citizen_woman_skelMesh.uasset <- CUmodelApp::ShowPackageUI <- Main: umodel_build=1590

If I use the custom materials build from this link, most everything loads fine, but in a few cases the textures will not load:

WARNING: Texture2D CITIZEN_woman_mat_01_BaseColor has no valid mipmaps
WARNING: Texture2D CITIZEN_woman_mat_01_Normal has no valid mipmaps
WARNING: Texture2D CITIZEN_woman_mat_02_BaseColor has no valid mipmaps
WARNING: Texture2D CITIZEN_woman_mat_02_Normal has no valid mipmaps

There are some very interesting models.  Also many models from Inner Chains.

* Image2.jpg (52.7 KB, 802x652 - viewed 92 times.)

* Image1.jpg (67.11 KB, 802x652 - viewed 77 times.)
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Re: Unholy
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2023, 22:48 »

@zardalu: I'd suggest to use either materials build from this topic or acl 2.1 from this topic for all recent games, at least for UE4 ones, since they have some adjustments to avoid certain crashes, even if a feature is not supported. Those builds are not bound to particular games, you can select generic engine overrides there as well.
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