Quake 2

Here's some information about my Quake 2 modifications which I worked on a few years ago. The project is almost frozen. 


  • overall improvement of the game engine
  • performance improvements
  • to provide more eye-candy picture
  • to support content from other popular Quake-based games
  • new features should not break compatibility with existing game mods and original game servers



  • fully network compatible with original Quake 2 - "old clients" could connect to "my server", and "my clients" could connect to "old server"
  • fully compatible with mods for original Quake 2 (there's no changes made to the game.dll interface)
  • added some funny gameplay features (hardcoded into the engine) - like anti-camper sounds
  • visuals:
    • support for Quake 3 shaders (with some extensions)
    • realtime directional lighting for meshes
    • fast dynamic lights
    • lightflares (configurable individually for each map)
    • significantly better quality of .cin video playback 
  • content:
    • ability to play with maps from other games - Quake 1, Quake 3, Kingpin, Half-Life (engine performs on-fly conversion of the map format during loading process, entity descriptions are also preprocessed)
    • ability to use Quake 3 player models
  • user interface:
    • better player selection UI
    • level browser UI
    • displaying screenshots in savegame browser
    • customizable keyboard bindings UI
    • displaying Quake 3 levelshots and progress indicator during map load
  • system:
    • much faster content downloading
    • the game works nice with large FPS (original game has troubles with this), added possibility to work with very small timescale (timescale 0 will freeze the game)
    • support for .zip paks, archives could be "mounted" (Unix term) on the file systems at any time
      example: "mount ../quake3/baseq3/*.pk3" will mount all paks from Quake 3 located nearby to Quake 2
    • fast fixed pipeline OpenGL renderer with extensive use of multitexturing (has paths for NV, ATI and ARB)
    • a lot of debugging features
  • and many more ...


Things yet to do

  • finish Quake3 level support (there's no support for curved surfaces yet)
  • there's some problems with mesh lighting on Half-Life maps due to removed information about surface lights
  • there's a problem with some large Quake3 maps (especially CTF maps) - they're not fit into Quake2's -4096..+4096 bounds (fix will require modifications of both game.dll and engine, so game mod compatibility will be lost)
  • probably add support for Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 player models (either directly use ukx, or psk, or at least some way to convert ukx to my own mesh format usable by Quake)
  • even more improve mesh lighting
  • probably add some GLSL effects (bloom, reflections, better lighting ...)
  • possibility to add fog regions for pre-Quake3 maps (with text config)
  • add Quake3-like portal support
  • make UT2004-like shadows (blob or blured projection)
  • add resource management - should free unneeded resources on map change



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Installation: extract .zip contents to Quake 2 directory. 


Source code

The source code is available on GitHub








Support for content from other games


Modified user interface