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Author Topic: create USX files without changing exported content.  (Read 5013 times)
create USX files without changing exported content.
« on: December 29, 2010, 04:59 »

I would first like to thank you Gildor (again) for such a wonderful tools and support.

I'm trying to create with some tools a special file (Geodata) to be read by Lineage II L2J servers, the problem is that this tools collects information from UTX, UNR and USX files, but some times this tool gives errors because it can not properly read these damaged, encrypted or malformed files.

this is what i want to do:

1- use umodel to extract StaticMesh fron Lineage II USX file.
No problem here, I extracted these objects and I can see properly with MilkShape 3D.

2- use the extracted files without modifying them to create a new USX file with the same name and extructure in UnrealEd.
This is where I'm really lost and need help, because I have not been able to import the extracted PSK in UnrealEd to create a new USX  Cry

Can you help me please? how can i import this PSK in UnrealEd?

I do this with the UTX files and I can say it was a success!

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Re: create USX files without changing exported content.
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2010, 06:35 »

Umodel exports static meshes as .psk, which is an animation format that unrealed only recognises as an animation asset (contained in a .ukx for unreal engine 2). So you can import psk and psa data for animated meshes, but you have to convert a static mesh psk into .ase, which is where 3ds max/maya is required. This is because of unreal being flexible for artists, not umodel being inflexible.

I don't know Milkshape that well, but it might be able to import can certainly import fbx, and I understand it exports to a variety of formats. There's been recent activity here on the forums about a psk to fbx converter...but only the latest UDK supports fbx import directly.

So there is a necessary step from umodel to unrealed that involves converting .psk to .ase.
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