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Re: [UE4] Evangelion: Battlefields
« Reply #15 on: April 03, 2021, 22:11 »

Sorry but I'm a total noob when it comes to UE4 or anything remotely tied to model designs. So I've very few questions if you don't mind :

1) How did you get the .pak from the game's apk ? Besides the full game library (.so) and native android code obtained from decompilation, I haven't found any info on how to perform this

3) The .pak seems to lack a lot of data of newer seasons of the game. Hence why 1) and why I'd be interested in having the latest one possible.

Thanks for the information already provided here, regardless.

In order to have the latest data updated I suggest you to install the game you are looking for on android emulator ( bluestack). Via QooApp it's possible to install a lot of korean game , bypassing automatically region restriction ( at least for downloading assets, dunno for playing) .Another app is , with this it's possible to download Chinese mobile games. Both could be installed on android emulator, and will notify you when an App could be updated.

Then for getting the assets you need to root your emulator with Bluestack Tweaker ( it's support also bluestack 5, I suggest you this emulator version; despite being in beta the RAM usage has been halved), and access storage folders using the File manager provided ( you easily find tutorials on emulator's page how to root it )

Then there are different way the assets could be stored:
if the downloaded .apk is small then you need to find .pak (umodel recognize and open them) or .obb ( .obb could be renamed .rar and extracted with winrar or 7-zip, then you'll get .pak openable with umodel).
if the downloaded  .apk is big , the assets are inside it ( a lot of chinese mobile game use this method). Just rename it to .rar and extract the content as .obb. ( unless .obb are enctryped Wink )
Sometimes games combine these types of storage so for example you got the base version in one big .apk and updates in .obb, so I suggest you to look in every path I mention below.

Generally you will find assets in one of those paths :

-Data/app ( generally game storing assets in big .apk use this path)
-Data/data ( lineage revolution use this path) .

There is also another options when you download a big .apk but you can't install it since the emulator is not compatible ( a lot of game required android 8+, Bluestack is Android 7 ). You need to look into or QooApp temp/download folders ( with file manager).
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