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[UE4] Soul Dossier
« on: January 23, 2021, 22:15 »

Game: Soul Dossier / 封灵档案 (steam page)
UE4 version: 4.26
AES key: in the same place as usual (link)

Static meshes and textures works fine with the latest umodel build (1487 at the moment), skeletal meshes doesn't work. Also, the game is using unicode in some assets (like materials), so here are some samples for research purposes (link) - I remember it was already asked somewhere about problems with unicode support, but without proper samples or info.  

It's not directly related, but as you know umodel works fine only with external paths with characters supported by current locale (if forced unicode option is not set in regional settings). For example, if you're using english locale, you can't open paks from a folder with chinese characters (umodel will not recognize them). Though if you have "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support" option enabled in regional settings, umodel will work fine with any kind of external paths regardless of current locale, but use that option with caution due to possible problems with other apps.  

Sample error for skeletal mesh:
Memory: bad allocation size -620756992 bytes
appMalloc: size=-620756992 (total=0 Mbytes) <- FArray::Empty: -620756992 x 1 <- TArray::Serialize: 0/0 <- FSkelMeshSection4::SerializeRenderItem <- TArray::Serialize: 0/2 <- FStaticLODModel4::SerializeRenderItem <- TArray::Serialize: 0/1 <- USkeletalMesh4::Serialize <- LoadObject: SkeletalMesh4'SK_JH_Cloth_QunZi.SK_JH_Cloth_QunZi', pos=167BE, ver=522/0 (unversioned), game=ue4.26 <- UObject::EndLoad <- LoadWholePackage: Rig/SK_JH_Cloth_QunZi.uasset <- CUmodelApp::ShowPackageUI <- Main: umodel_build=1487
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