Some UE Viewer news

As I already mentioned before, this page is rarely update. This doesn't mean that the project is "dead" - UE Viewer is maintained quite actively, especially over past 2 months: UModel's build "jumped" through 200 versions, from nearly 1150 to 1350. It's just too heavy to put news to half-dozen sources.

If you have a twitter account, you may subscribe to my page - Besides the typical "likes" which I put there, you'll see more or less detailed news about changes in UE Viewer.

Another social page is facebook: It is not updated as frequent as twitter, this is just because it has much less user activity. However I'm still trying to put the most significant news there.

There's also a forum board dedicated to news:,11.0.html. Recently I'm trying to add threads there about most significant changes which aren't related to just one game.

The most noticeable of the recent news are: